Our chief arranger Linda Corcoran  has many years of experience as a professional musician,   multi-instrumental and classroom teacher and musical director of a variety of community ensembles.


As a result of this wide-ranging experience Linda is able to create satisfying arrangements that are quick to learn and fun to play.

Linda offers custom arrangements for  non-standard ensembles. Please contact her to discuss your musical requirements.



(pdf email delivery)
  • Advance Australia Fair - $60

  • Correlated easy piano and choir parts
  • MP3 demonstration files for each arrangement
  • Piano backing tracks for rehearsal or performance
  • Large, clear print with individually numbered bars
  • High-quality .pdf download
  • Melody parts as well as band parts for all instruments, allowing the band director to mix and match parts as needed
  • Unique pedagogical tools such as key signature reminder/quiz and fingering diagrams
Computer generated audio samples
 Choir & Piano
  • God Defend New Zealand - $60

  • Abide With Me - $60
  • Waltzing Matilda March  - $60
  • All four charts combined as an ANZAC Day pack - $200
 Choir & Piano
 Choir & Piano